Beard Competitions to Win in 2019

Beard Competitions to Win in 2019

Make sure to enter beard competitions this year if you’re committed to an extra awesome facial hair look. Whether you compete as part of a beard club near you, or fly solo, beard competitions are an awesome way to meet new people, raise money for charity and earn bragging rights.

Beard Completions to Win: 2019 World Beard and Moustache Championship

Antwerp, Belgium | May 17-19

Much like the Olympics, nations around the world form teams to compete in the World Beard and Moustache Championship. The three day event features judging across sixteen categories for mustaches, partial beards and full beards. This year’s competition will be in Belgium, meaning you’ll experience some fierce competition and European adventure. To participate, just sign up for a no-cost membership to Beard Team USA or register directly.

Beard Competitions to Win: Come and Shave It 2019

Austin, Texas | February 23

This annual Austin event is preceded by two nights of brunches, cocktails and costume parties. Then, on Saturday contestants will duke it out across fifteen categories, with notable ones being the 6 Month Sprint and the Shenandoah. Anyone can enter and compete. For competition updates, join the Facebook event. 

Beard Competitions to Win: Join Beard Team USA

If you’re interested in competing in multiple events for bragging rights and to raise money for important charities, join Beard Team USA. The club itself has no dues or membership requirements. They’re just a bunch of cool dudes with awesome facial hair that want to have fun and help their community. They also host the National Beard and Moustache Championships before attending the world competition. See upcoming competitions they’ll be attending, or join.

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