Celebrity Dads with Great Beards: Father’s Day 2019

Celebrity Dads with Great Beards: Father’s Day 2019

Let’s recognize Celebrity Dads this Father’s Day for their style and awesome-ness. Especially the ones with cool beards. Read below for some facial hair inspiration. These celebrity dads will show you how to be a cool dad, too.

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Prince Harry: The Hottest Celebrity (Royal) Dad

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Prince Harry holding his first-born son, Archie Harrison, with wife Meghan Markle.
Image courtesy of Getty Images

Prince Harry seems to have achieved the perfect balance of Smart English style and rugged charm with his facial hair. Women across all the oceans love his look, especially his wife Meghan Markle. His beard will transition well to his role as father. While Harry may be a new dad, nobody doubts he’ll master Dad Style easily.

David Beckham: The Best Beard in the UK

David Beckham with his adorable sons.
Image courtesy of Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

In many ways, David Beckham is the O.G. celebrity dad. He was the first to transition from young heartbreaker to good-looking father. To achieve maximum sex appeal throughout the years, he has consistently utilized facial hair to age gracefully throughout his career.

Will Smith: Timeless, Cool Dad Style

Will Smith attends the VH1 “Dear Mama” taping at Saint Bartholomew’s Church iin New York City, New York on May 3, 2016.

Will Smith is a father of two, and well into middle age but he doesn’t look a day over 28 years old. By incorporating strong lines and fades into his beard and mustache, he keeps his facial hair sleek. He’s still the Fresh Prince of Facial Hair.

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