Father’s Day: Buy Your Dad Something He’ll Actually Like

Father’s Day: Buy Your Dad Something He’ll Actually Like

Father’s Day is tricky, because dad’s are nearly impossible to buy for. Don’t buy your dad another tool or gadget he’ll likely return, or already owns. Instead, buy him a useful subscription service. Subscription services are great for busy dads and dads who hate to shop-so, basically, subscription services are the perfect gift for Father’s Day.

1. Man Bundle is the Perfect Gift.

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Let’s face it, dads often fall behind on the latest trends in hairstyle and grooming. They probably still use 3 in 1 shampoo, conditioner and body wash-yikes! But, with Man Bundle, your dad can learn about all new grooming products and try them out until he finds the perfect fit. So how does it work? The first box is just $29.99. It includes multiple full-size beard products and a variety of samples. Then, upgrade to a beard and hair kit for $15 more and receive double the products.

2. Barkbox for your dad’s best friend.

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Get your dad a present that takes care of the family dog with Barkbox. Barkbox starts at $22 a month and provides a canine pal with a themed collection of snacks, toys and treats. So, don’t leave any pups off your holiday shopping list.

3. Loot Crate for nerdy dads.

Basically, get this box for your father if he’s a little quirky or nerdy. Loot Crate combines all kinds of rare finds and collectibles, dubbing themselves “Comic-Con in a box.” The company offers over a dozen boxes, with themes ranging from pop culture, to gaming, to specific fantasy worlds like J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World.           View this post on Instagram                  

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4. Sock Fancy is sure to make dad smile.

Get Sock Fancy for the dapper man and style adventurer in your life. This subscription box is just what it sounds like, fancy socks delivered once a month. For $11 a month your dad will get socks delivered to make his outfits pop. Nobody has ever returned a dope pair of socks.

Buy Man Bundle Box This Father’s Day

Man Bundle is a one-stop shop for all your male grooming needs. We aim to deliver the best grooming products to your doorstep monthly. If you are passionate about taking care of your hair (Beards included) we will give you the tools you need to have the healthiest and cleanest hair. Man Bundle was founded with the vision of delivering professional and different quality brands to our customers. We products from companies that are passionate about the quality of their brand and product. There are tons of smaller companies that offer healthier and more effective products. We want to deliver those products to you and save you the time and effort of finding them all yourself.

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