How to grow a beard

How to grow a beard

So, you want to grow a beard?

Growing a full, thick beard will take some time but with the right products and tools, you will have an awesome beard in no time at all. Depending on how fast your hair grows, it could be as soon as a few weeks to a couple of months. Our guide will provide you tips on how to grow a beard.

First and foremost, DO NOT waste your money on “beard growing” products. They simply do not work, most beard growing products are actually overpriced biotin. Inspect the bread growing products and if the ingredients are just biotin we recommend you just buy biotin at any local drug store or local supermarket.

Second, when growing as beard for the first time, it will get itchy. We recommend exfoliating, a face lotion, and a light beard oil to get through this first phase. Don’t get discouraged, it will pass. Your beard will be well underway at this point. If you apply beard oil regularly you will notice that your beard hair will soften quickly and the itchiness will go away.

Third, a beard will not grow in super thick and full (for most men). Your new beard will need some trims and shaping to really achieve the beard you want. At this point, you will need all the products, shaving oils, brushes, scissors and clippers. If you are younger (under 25) it’s mostly likely your facial hair will grow in patches. There are several beard styles you can use that highlight the parts of your beard that grow best.

We highly recommend visiting a barber. A barber can help you grow a beard by styling it and providing it with regular cuts and shaping.

Lastly, you have this magnificent beard, you will want to maintain it. To keep it from being frizzy you must use products to tame your beard. You will want to also invest in beard shampoo and conditioner to keep the hair and face healthy and clean. Beards are a lot of work but if you invest in it, it will look great. If you need help achieving an awesome beard Man Bundle is here to assist in any way we can. We can customize boxes to assist you in any step of the way.

Get started growing your beard today!

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