How To Grow Out Your Beard For The Fall

How To Grow Out Your Beard For The Fall. Maintenance going from summer to fall  is crucial. Most men keep a shorter beard throughout the summer and with cooler weather will start to transition into a longer, thicker beard. A long beard is ideal for your skin during the fall and winter months because it protects your skin. But, that means your beard will endure all the low humidity and harsh winds. Without the right maintenance steps, your beard will become dry and brittle.

  • Take cooler showers to prevent drying of the skin and hair.
  • Use less shampoo when cleaning your beard, the cooler temps keep your beard less sweaty and dirty. 
  • Make sure to properly brush/groom your beard, it helps spread the products and keep a longer beard from tangling/knotting up on you. 
  • Last step, MOISTURIZE!! Use a variety of products from your beard kit such as conditioner, oils, and beard balms. 

Your beard kit has all the tools to help you grow a healthy, lush beard this fall! Follow along on the blog for other tips/tricks on how to keep your beard happy and healthy!

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