Itchy beard? Here’s what you should do.

Itchy beard? Here’s what you should do.

Ugh, an itchy beard is the worst. If your beard is itching you, there’s many different grooming techniques and products to help. Read below to learn how to reduce the itchiness of your beard.

If you’ve just started growing a beard, wait it out.

According to Medical News Today, the reason that growing a beard can be so itchy is that “when a person shaves, the sharp edge of the hair remains inside the follicle. As the hair grows, the sharp edge can scratch the follicle and cause itchiness. If a person who used to shave regularly starts to grow a beard, this may cause widespread irritation of follicles, which can result in considerable discomfort and itchiness.”

Most men who’ve grown a beard that the period of having an itchy beard lasts about three weeks once you decide to grow it. However, there’s still plenty you can do to treat the temporary itch and prevent future skin irritation.

Good Skincare Will Soothe an Itchy Beard

Itchy beards are caused by unhealthy, irritated skin (excluding temporary itch from new growth), so the best remedy is often a good skincare routine.

Step #1: Exfoliate

Everybody loves a smooth face, so make sure to exfoliate at night and in the morning. A warm wash cloth will do the trick. It will also help open your pours before you wash your face. Also, exfoliation removes excess skin, which is often the source of itchiness.

Step #2: Cleanse

Washing your face twice a day is crucial for having healthy skin. You never want sweat and dirt resting in your pores while you’re sleeping at night. A good facial cleanser will prevent acne and other skin problems. But, make sure to use the right type of cleanser for your skin. Also, make sure to use oil-free face wash. Once you’ve got the right face cleanser, toss out your grocery store bar of soap because it’s drying out your skin.

Step #3: Moisturize

Once your skin is squeaky clean and smooth, make sure to moisturize. Good skincare is all about keeping your face clean and hydrated. There’s lots of different types of moisturizers on the market for men. If you use a subscription service, like Man Bundle, you can try out different moisturizers and other grooming products, to find what you like.

Step #4: Sunscreen

You may think this advice isn’t true, but it is. You need to wear sunscreen all day, every day for your appearance and your health. Sunscreen prevents skin cancer and premature aging, so win-win. That being said, make sure to use face sun screen on your face and body sunscreen on your body, because they’re different formulas!

Use medication on an itchy beard.

Look for any facial creams or ointments that contain lactic acid. Lactic acid is the best active ingredient for treating itch that isn’t caused by an infection.

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