Pranks to Play on Your Spouse in the Bathroom

Pranks to Play on Your Spouse in the Bathroom

Pranks are funny, and it’s April Fool’s Day, so you need to play a good prank. For your most loved one, prank them where they’re most vulnerable for attack-your bathroom! We don’t advocate for gross pranks, or pranks that are permanent. We just want to get you a good laugh this April Fool’s Day.

Prank #1: My soap isn’t working.

This one comes courtesy of country singer Luke Bryan’s wife, Lina Bryan. During the couple’s annual #12daysofprankmas, Ms. Bryan painted her husbands body soap bar with nail polish so he couldn’t lather up. The video is priceless.

Prank #2: OMG Why Are My Teeth Green?

This is an easy one, just put a single drop of food coloring on your partner’s tooth brush and wait. They’re sure to notice their teeth become a vibrant not white. Plus it’s food coloring, so the embarrassment will quickly wash out.

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Prank #3: Where’s the toilet paper?

Picture this: your spouse gets up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. They go to wipe, but wait, it’s just a role of white duct tape. Gotcha!

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