Record Beards You Could Beat if you Wanted.

Record Beards You Could Beat if you Wanted.

There are many record beards for all kinds of characteristics. For any and all qualities of a beard, there is likely already a standing record beard-that you could beat. Whether you try to grow your facial hair to extreme lengths, or get a group of buddies together for a ‘beard chain,’ the next record holder could be you.

Record Beards-Longest Beard

Sarwan Singh of Surrey, British Columbia has the distinction of Living Man With the Longest Beard, according to Guinness World Records. Singh’s beard is over eight feet long, but he has no plans to cut it. He told Guinness
“Without my beard, I’m not me. I’m pretending to be someone I’m not.”

Record Mustaches-Longest Mustache

Who knew it was possible to grow a 14-foot-long-mustache? Not us. But,
Ram Singh Chauhan of India did. His mustache was recorded by Guinness World Records at the same time as Sawan Singh’s during the filming of the Italian show “Lo Show dei Record.”

Record Beards-Strongest Beard

The record is technically called “Biggest Weight Lifted by a Human Beard,” but you get the gist. Antanas Kontrimas, from Lithuania, lifted a woman weighing 140 pounds with his beard. Woah. We can’t even lift that with our arms.

Record Beards-Longest Chain

These guys weren’t messing around. The ‘Verband Deutscher Bartclubs e. V’ created a 20 people long chain of beards in Amberg, Germany in 2007. It measured over 62 feet.

record beards, longest beard chain
Photo courtesy of Guinness World Records

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