Should you grow out your beard for winter?

Should you grow out your beard for winter?

It’s getting chilly, and you might be looking for a better way to keep warm. Here at Man Bundle Box, we think you might want to grow out a winter beard. But, winter beards have some grooming challenges so we’ll also tell you tips on how to make your winter beard look as spectacular as it can.


The main reasons to grow a winter beard.

Old Saint Nick, and every man ever, knows that winter beards are awesome. When they’re well cared for and maintained, they keep you warm and protect your skin from harsh weather. Also, they totally add some rugged appeal.


Winter beards prevent windburn.

If you hate having frozen, red cheeks then the minter beard is a must. Yes, you could just wear a scarf but those things never stay in place and half the time they block your mouth and nose. Beards are the best way to prevent wind burn by blocking 95% of UV Rays. That means, you’ll protect your skin from damage and slow down aging. Win-win!


Your beard will keep you warm.

This is kind of a no-brainer, but beards will keep your cheeks nice and toasty. Everybody else will be walking around in the mind just being miserable, but the guys with winter beards will be straight chillin’.


You could dress up as Santa.

The single biggest pro, especially for all the young dads out there, is that you can dress up as Santa! I mean, how could you not rock a Santa costume this holiday season? You’ll liven up the holiday party and bring joy to all the little kids.


The challenges of a winter beard.

Don’t get us wrong, we love a winter beard! But, there are some unique grooming challenges that come with wintery weather. But at Man Bundle Box, we have the grooming kit you need for a luscious beard.


Winter weather might dry out your beard.

The harsh weather of late fall and winter will dry out your beard, just like it dries out your lips and hands. But, have no fear because there are lots of great products to keep your beard 1) moisturized, 2) healthy, 3) soft in our subscription beard kit.


You’ll need to beware of ice beards.

True, ice beards are badass. If you’re beard is long enough, and its below freezing, you’re in prime conditions for an epic ice beard (or ‘stachesicle!) But, you’ll need to show your beard some R & R after rocking an ice beard. Thaw out as soon as you get inside and immediately moisturize! If an ice-beard doesn’t seem appealing to you, just wear a scarf.

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