Summer Beard Tips

Summer Beard Tips

While many of us opt to have a summer beard at winter length, if you live in hotter regions in the U.S, like Florida, that may not be a viable option. What was once is thick, full beard can quickly becoming a soppy mess that harbors sweat and bacteria. Here a few options to kept the beard you love and even potentially avoid some of the initial scruffy and sometimes itchy growing phase again.

Stubble Beard

Often considered halfway option between clean shaven and a beard is widely popular with the ladies according to a study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology. While this style requires more frequent maintenance, the length and tool used style is totally up to preference. The key here to keep the cheek and neck lines clean, and consistent use of feeding products like beard oil or balm. The short bristles will be lacking moisture more than ever.


A relative of the aforementioned stubble beard, the beardstache is also an ideal summer beard because of the variable length on the sides and a chin. The style began to pick up in popularity last year, sported by a number of celebrities and models. Maintained is also similar to that of the stubble beard, with the addition of the occasion mustache trim added depending on the style you go with (e.g. Walrus or Chevron). Either way you’re gonna need a fine comb.


You’re probably asking yourself, “Can I really pull this off?”. The once staple of 90’s grunge culture is not for everyone, but the versatility of this style allows for many modern variations. While the most basic definition of this summer style is beard that incorporates hair on the chin and generally the upper lip, most goatees are shaped short beards that can sculpted to suit different face types. Recommendations: Goatee with stubble, The Van Dyke, and The Anchor Goatee.

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