Summer Beards Are Totally the Move

Summer Beards Are Totally the Move

As summer approaches, you may feel forced to trim your beard. But, trust us, there’s a way to keep your gruff look without suffering from heat and discomfort. The right grooming routine will have your face (and facial hair) looking as hot as the temperature outside.

A clean shaven face won’t make you feel the summer heat any less.

When it comes to regulating body temperature, your beard won’t make a difference. Beards don’t actually insulate heat even though popular knowledge says so. You’ll feel the same heat whether you’re full mountain man or clean shaven.

Your beard might actually cool you off in the summer.

Whaaaattttt? More hair will make you feel cooler? How could that be. Well, according to GQ, beards trap moisture and help cool the jawline. This summer, a well-moisturized and healthy beard is on your side.

Your beard is the perfect sunscreen.

The single greatest benefit of a summer beard is all the sun protection it provides. A 2012 study confirmed that facial hair offers considerable protection from UV radiation. By protecting you from the sun, your bear can help you look younger in the long run.

However, just because you have a beard doesn’t mean you should stop using sunscreen or relax your skincare routine in the summer. All season require good skincare. Review our recommendations for a solid skincare and grooming before making an summer grooming decisions.

Also they’re hot.

We all know that the ladies love some facial hair. What women doesn’t want their man to have a rugged, casual look for the summer season? None. So rock the scruff, sir.

summer beards are the move
This could be you this summer.
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