Summer Style Guide: Sexy Beards for Hot Weather

Summer Style Guide: Sexy Beards for Hot Weather

Summer style for facial hair is crucial for men who want to stunt at pool parties, barbecues and beach vacations. While we’re all about lumberjack-sexy during the winter, the warmer season requires a different look. Guys, summer beards are totally the move.

The best way to tackle the season isn’t necessarily to go clean shaven, instead adjust your facial hair for the warmer conditions. “You can give your beard a lighter summer spin by cutting it to where it feels almost like a shadow, but there is enough hair to tell that you have an intentional beard going on as well,” said Scott Serrata, master barber and co-founder of Imperial Barber Products in an article for Men’s Journal.

Summer Style Tip: Cut Some Serious Length

We know it can be hard to give up length after spending half the year growing out your beard. But, you must. As most women know, hair needs to be cut in order to keep growing. So, think of your summer trim as an investment into next year’s winter beard.

Don’t trim too much, too quickly.

Before changing the shape of your beard you should go over your full beard with a large guard clipper. This will get the length down so that it’s easier to begin shaping and re-styling your beard.

You can keep the same basic shape.

If you like the general shape of your winter beard, you can actually keep it for your summer style. You may find that your summer style is the exact same shape but closer to your skin.

Trim as close to your skin as is comfortable.

Consider your own personal comfort when deciding how much of your beard you want to trim. Even a shorter length summer style, like a five o’clock shadow look, will protect your skin from the sun while keeping you cool. So, there’s no wrong answer when it comes to length. So trim it to the length that feels the most comfortable.

Summer Style Tip: Embrace the Fade

Utilizing fade techniques in your facial hair look can help keep you cool, while still keeping the shape of your beard. Fades are especially great around your ears and neck since those parts of the head get really hot in the summer.

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