The Best Beard in Every Pro Sport

The Best Beard in Every Pro Sport

In every sport, athletes are rockin’ some epic beards and ‘staches. We’ve got everything on the list, from the wizard beard to understated goatee. The men of professional sports are pushing the envelope with their facial hair. 

Best Beard in Baseball: Dallas Keuchel

Dallas Keuchel has the best beard in the MLB.

Dallas Keuchel has the best beard in the MLB. Image Courtesy of

Houston Astros Pitcher Dallas Keuchel began growing his beard right before the 2014 MLB season in 2014, and that’s when his career really took off. Coincidence? He certainly seems to think so, because he’s still sporting his epic beard as the 2018 season ramps up. Fun fact: he shampoos and conditions his beard twice daily to keep it looking fresh for the big screen.

Best Beard in Basketball: Kevin Love

Cleveland Cavaliers’ Center Kevin Love had the most underrated facial hair in the NBA, until he shaved it all off in early October. Fans everywhere were like “Whaaaaaat? Where’s K Love?” when he showed up on the court clean shaven. But don’t worry, TMZ reported that Love only shaved for a commercial (the first time in 7 years!) and that he would grow it back out. All the fans, especially the ladies, are anxiously waiting for him to grow his facial hair back to its full glory.

Best in Hockey: Brent Burns and Joe Thornton

San Jose Sharks defenseman are a bearded power duo, or should we say were. Burns actually shaved Thorton’s famous “lifestyle beard” in favor of a lighter look two days before the season openers against the Anaheim Ducks. In the past, Thorton had chunks of his beard ripped out during a fight so maybe it’s for the best that he goes for a tighter shave.

Best Beard in Football: Eric Weddle

Baltimore Ravens defensive Back Eric Weddle told the Baltimore Sun “My beard kind of grew into this mythical being in itself. I roll with it and it’s pretty awesome. It’s unique.” His beard is almost as well known as him, hence his twitter handle @weddlesbeard. Apparently, the beginning of his infamous beard comes from a desire to grow a bigger beard than his father. How does he keep it looking good? Shampoo and brushing.

Eric Weddle has the best beard in the NFL

Follow Eric’s beard on Twitter @weddlesbeard.
Image courtesy of the Baltimore Sun

Best in Soccer: Cristiano Ronaldo

During the 2018 World Cup, Ronaldo stroked his chin after scoring against Spain. Many spectators assumed he was claiming to be the GOAT. Then he was doubled down and grew a GOAT-ee. Well played, sir.

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