You Need Man Bundle. Here’s Why.

Don't Fear the Beard

Do you or a loved one deal with any of the following problems?

Itchy Beard?

Beard acne and ingrown hairs?

Dry skin and beard Dandruff?

Does a brittle beard ruin moments of intmacy?

If so Man Bundle is the perfect solution. Our subscription boxes deliver to you all the products you need to grow and healthy beard that feels comfortable on your face!

What to Expect in Each Box

This box contains the following products:

WSP Face Soap: $9.99
Soprano New York Beard Oil: $15.00
West Texas Beard Oil: $10.00
Rockwell Beard Brush: $15.00
O’douds Mustache Wax: $10.00
Total: $60.00

Get all of this for just $37

Brilliant products in every Man Bundle Box

Makes a great gift for a bearded love one

Delivery to your door step

Support small businesses

Are you ready to start taking better care of your beard today?

Our Concept: Each month an average box contains four or five high-quality products. We always create product combinations that will enhance your whole grooming routine and ensure that the product mix is useful month-to-month. We cover the basics, like soaps and conditioners, as well as unique grooming products like waxes, balms and oils. Also, unlike other subscription services, we don’t send samples, we send full-sized quantities. Each month an average box contains four to five high-quality products. You can expect to get over $50 worth of products.