Holiday Facial Hair Looks Nobody Will Forget

Holiday Facial Hair Looks Nobody Will Forget

Holiday facial hair is the best way, in our opinion, to spread holiday cheer. As the holidays draw near, tacky Christmas sweaters, car antlers and themed socks will take over. And beards will grow. According to a study done by grooming company Braun, 36% of women reported that their partner decided to grow out a beard during the holidays. You know why? Because holiday beards are too fun to pass up.

1. Holiday Facial Hair-Beard Lights

For those sporting extra long beards, consider lighting up your face with some beard fairy lights from specialty retailer Firebox. They are fairy lights designed for luscious, long beards. You’ll light up the room and maybe find the “light of your life” as you work the Christmas party circuit.

2. Holiday Facial Hair-Beard Ornaments

For the bolder gentleman, we suggest Beard Baubles (a.k.a. Beard ornaments) this holiday season. They’ll elevate your holiday look from basic to iconic. Honestly, why eve have an awesome beard if you can’t turn it into a full-on Christmas-tree vibe?

3. Holiday Facial Hair-Glitter Beard

Here’s a video of how to create your own glitter beard:

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